Gypsy Summer

Words for those of you that don't speak in pictures


My beautiful parents. I miss them so much and can’t wait to go have another adventure with them on the West Coast. They took Will and I on this crazy adventure of intense social landscapes and wild and unexpected journeys. I owe them everything and because of their crazy weird ways I am able to do all the things I do now and I can thank them enough.


My parents took Will and I on a magical day road trip to the Oregon Coast and this is the beach we discovered and claimed as ours. The clouds looked like a wall of waves and its hard to tell with this printing, but the sky was magenta. Fabulous day. 


First view as we arrived in the middle of the Rainbow Gathering. Took a few hours to hike then hitchhike then hike again to the trailhead of the festival and when we arrived it was the day of silence while everyone mediated for peace. This is a scene of one of the main circles of meditation. 


The American Pride sticker on the windshield of Brian’s redneck/cosmic farmer huge ass truck that he picked Will and I up in when we arrived in Portland. Land of the free.

Dose me

—sunburnt hippie’s back


Kayla finds a dead seagull on our walk to find seashells at Venice Beach.


Old man dressed as a woman in a pink dress with pink underwear dancing at the East Hampton Pink party.

Welcome to Oregon

—sign leaving the Portland airport 


A cop pulling people over on the dirt road on our way up the crazy Washington mountain to get to the Rainbow Gathering. Me, being nervous I’m doing something illegal for no reason other than paranoia around my probation..


The trash pile outside the Rainbow Gathering.


Inside the peace circle. Gathering.


The stud staff handing out drinks at the East Hampton Pink party.


Kids waiting for food at Granola Funk Theater at the Gathering.


I wish this came out different. In real life you could see the moon perfectly behind them, but I guess you can’t capture everything. I really liked this guys hair. This was on the way out of the Fair. 


Dallas and Sirena, in the parking lot as we are leaving, after a long day at the Oregon Country Fair. Pre-us all getting sick and almost dying from bad brownies in the hot-tub.